Product FAQs

Below are some of the Frequently Asked Questions. If you can’t find your answer please Contact Us

FAQ: Covid-19 January 6th 2021

Question: Are you open? Yes

Question: Are you delivering? Yes

Question: Can I order? Yes

NOTE: We do not envisage any problems with our supply chain. Similar to the first lockdown, for us and our customers nothing has changed.

FAQ: Slatted Verses Close-Boarded Compost Bins?

We offer either Slatted or Close Boarded Compost Bins. Professional gardener’s opinion varies as to which one is the better. We usually advise that the contents in the Close Boarded Compost Bin will reach a higher temperature and thus kill more weed seeds, diseased material, and decompose slightly quicker than material in the Slatted Compost Bin. The disadvantage on occasion, may be that wet soggy material may stay wet and soggy and not decompose efficiently at the base where there is little or no air. We suggest the use of Aerating-Bases to encourage air to the base.

If the idea is to compost over a long period of time, leaving the contents 1 year or longer then there would be little noticeable difference between the two types of Compost Bin.

FAQ: Where Should I Put The Compost Bin?

Ideally the compost bin requires a flat and level surface on which to assemble. Ideally it is easier if the site is clear of any obstacles such as trees.

Compost Bins can be assembled panel by panel. If the site slopes then a single brick under each post at the lower end will suffice to level it up.

If you need any advise concerning the assembly of any of our products then please feel free to ask. Each product comes with a full set of instructions with photographs illustrating each point of assembly. After 30 years of producing items for  ‘home assembly’ we believe we have made products that can be easily assembled with the aid of our assembly instructions.

FAQ: Can I Assemble A Compost Bin Around an Existing Composting Pile?

Yes you can assemble a compost bin around an existing composting pile. If there is an existing heap of compost which is smaller in size than the bin, then the compost bin can be assembled around it. This takes out the need to move the material to one side before putting the material back inside the compost bin.

FAQ: Can Compost Bins be sent fully assembled?

Generally, our Compost Bins can be sent fully assembled. In most cases there would be an additional charge from the courier. Please Contact Us to enquire to the specific price for your order.

The Compost Bins are straight forward to assemble, already part assembled, sides and back panels made up, and arrive with nails and a full set of coloured photographs illustrating each stage of the assembly.

FAQ: How do you get the compost from the bottom of a Compost Bin?

It is possible to slide up and then prop up the front boards, however accessing compost from the bottom of a bin by this way is not the recommended. Material placed on top falls down into the hole made, making it difficult to dig out well composted material to more than a spade length in.

We would recommend that instead of ordering a single large compartment compost bin you order smaller compartment, double or a triple. With a triple bin for example, fill the 1st bin and leave it to compost down. Then start filling the 2nd bin, leaving it too to compost down. Then start filling the 3rd bin, by which time one would hope that all the material in the first bin has composted sufficiently. Remove the front boards one at a time from the first bin, sliding out from the top, and remove the compost as needed.

Also we do produce a Compost Bin with a Trap Door removing the need to prop up the front boards.

FAQ: Can I choose the delivery day?

Yes, please Contact Us to request it on your order.