Leaf Bin (Large Sizes)


Free standing Large Leaf Bin.

Large LEAF BINS are designed to compost solely leaves which when composted on mass tend to clog together excluding air, hence the advantage of the wire mesh. They are available Free-standing or as Add-ons to one of our Compost Bins. The front panel slides out from the top allowing open access to the Leaf Compost. The galvanised wire mesh is made up of 15mm X 25mm squares. The restraining bar across the front at the top is removable to allow easy unimpeded access. Full Description / Price List (Click Here)

LIDS for LEAF BIN are designed to compress the leaves and speed up decomposition. They also allow more leaves to be gathered in the bin. The leaves quickly come into contact with moisture  and the micro-organisms needed to break them down into leaf compost. Without lids the leaves tend to dry out on the surface and not break down as efficiently as those at the bottom of the heap which are weighted down by those above and in contact with soil. Weights can be used to compress the leaves further. Full Description / Price List (Click Here)

(Lids Sold Separately)


  • Lids (2 parts) * £92.35

    Lid in two parts.

  • Lids (2 parts) * £107.80

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Large Leaf Bin features:

• Easy access – two part front panel removes
• Free standing no post holes to dig
• Pressure treated timber/ long life
• FSC sourced timber
• Large bins 1.50m, & 1.80m sq.
• Up to 1.20m in height
• Bolt-on back panels
• Single, double or triple bins
• Optional extras: leaf Lids

Large Leaf Bin Specifications:

• Pressure Treated Timber
• 75mm square corner posts
• 13mm x 25mm square – Wire Mesh size
• Galvanised (Protected) Wire Mesh
• M10 Bright Zinc Plated coach bolts
• M10 Bright Zinc Plated coach screws
• Top restrainers 50mm square
• 1.50m & 1.80m lids in two parts
• Colour – Brown

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Wire Mesh has is strong enough for animal runs, all types of aviaries, pet cages and enclosures; as well as Leaves.

Delivery :

  • Delivery – 4-6 weeks – mainland UK (United Kingdom)
LARGE LEAF BINS -1.50m (5ft-w) 1.50m (5ft-d) x 1.20m (4ft-h)
Width ------- Depth ------- Height
1.50m (5ft-w) x 1.50m (5ft-d) x 1.20m (4ft-h) SINGLE (Capacity: 2.70cu m-100cu.ft-2775lts)
Order : 1.50m(w) x 1.50m(d) x 1.20m(h) Single

3.00m (10ft-w) x 1.50m (5ft-d) x 1.20m (4ft-h) DOUBLE (Capacity: 5.40cu.m-200cu.ft-5550lts)
Order: 1.50m(w) x 1.50m(d) x 1.20m(h) Double

4.50m (15ft-w) x 1.50m (5ft-d) x 1.20m (4ft-h) TRIPLE (Capacity: 8.10cu.m-300cu.ft-8325lts)
Order: 1.50mx1.50mx1.20m Triple
LARGE LEAF BINS -1.80m (6ft-w) 1.80m (6ft-d) x 1.20m (4ft-h)
Width ------- Depth ------- Height
1.80m (6ft-w) x 1.80m (6ft-d) x 1.20m (4ft-h) SINGLE (Capacity: 3.89cu.m-144cu.ft-3990lts)
Order: 1.80mx1.80mx1.20m Single

3.60m (12ft-w) x 1.80m (6ft-d) x 1.20m (4ft-h) DOUBLE (Capacity: 7.78cu.m-288cu.ft-7998lts)
Order: 1.80mx1.80mx1.20m Double
5.40m (18ft-w) x 1.80m (6ft-d) x 1.20m (4ft-h) TRIPLE (Capacity: 11.67cu.m-432cu.ft-11997lts)
Order: 1.80mx1.80mx1.20m Triple

LIDS for Large Leaf Bins -1.50m (5ft)- 1.80m (6ft) square Lids
LID for Leaf Bin 1.50m (5ft) square£92.35
LID for Leaf Bin 1.80m (6ft) square£107.80

Additional information

Large Compartment: Width x Depth x Height

1.50m x 1.50m x 0.90m, 1.80m x 1.80m x 0.90m, 1.50m x 1.50m x 1.20m, 1.80m x 1.80m x 1.20m

Compartment: Number

Single, Double, Triple