Composting Grass

COMPOST BINS – Grass to compost in 21 days!

Equipment: Start with one 27 cu.ft (0.73 cu.m) Compost Bin with Lid, Aerating-Base, Biotal or Garotta Compost Maker, Compost Aerator, Moisture Meter, Thermometer and Insulation Cover.

Procedure: Fill the Compost Bin entirely with green grass. Add 10ml of Biotal compost maker to a 10ltr watering can and water in. Cover the contents with the removeable insulating material. After allowing the contents to settle for 36 hours aerate and mix the contents with the Compost Aerator daily for 1 minute.

Result: Within 36 hours the contents will have heated up to as much as 70°C (158°F) and remain at that temperature for a consecutive 7 days. The temperature will slowly cool down over the next 14 days returning to the ambient outside air temperature. The contents will decrease by as much as 75% in volume within 21 days. Moisture content will go from dry (to the touch) grass, to moist, to wet before returning back to dry. After 21 days the green grass will look brown and crumbly and is ready to be used on the garden or allowed to further compost down in the compost bin. Leave it long enough and there will be nothing left!


COMPOST BINS – The Grass Consumer!

Equipment: Start with one 1.30 cu.m (48 cu.ft) Compost Bin with Lid, Thermometer and Insulation Cover.

Procedure: Fill the Compost Bin with green grass. Cover the contents with the removeable insulating material leaving a gap of 75mm (3”) around the sides. This allows for excess heat to escape. After 7 days the contents should have decreased by 15%. Top back up with grass. Repeat the process every 7 or so days. Over a period of 87 days the 1.3 cu.m (1333 ltr) compost bin will have received and be consuming a total of 4.15 cu.m (4150 ltrs) of grass.

Temperature: Monitor and record the temperature daily. The contents of the Compost Bin are likely to have a minimum temperature of 50°C and a maximum temperature of 78°C during the grass cutting season. At 78°C monitor the temperature every 4 hours. It is important to maintain a temperature below 80°C. In the unlikely event, that the temperature exceeds 80°C, water the contents to reduce the temperature or empty them out.  





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