SINGLE BIN                                                          TRIPLE BIN

Leaf Mould Bin

DOUBLE BIN                                                           LEAF BINS

Leaf Mould Bin Addon Combination Compost Bin

LEAF BIN ADD-ON                                            COMPOSTERS

Large Compost Bins Large Leaf Mould Bins

SUPER LARGE BINS                                                SUPER LARGE LEAF BIN


OUR LABEL – CONTACT US                                                BESPOKE BINS

compost_bin_with_trap_door Compost_Bin_Quadruple_Square

BINS WITH TRAP DOOR                                   BESPOKE COMPOST BIN

compost_bin_and_wormery_-_educational compost_with_board_grips

BESPOKE BINS                                                   BESPOKE BINS

compost_bins_beehive compost_bin_with_cold_frame_top

BEEHIVE COMPOST BIN                                      HOT BOX COMPOST BIN

BEEHIVE COMPOST BIN                                             BEEHIVE COMPOST BIN




aerator_compost biotal_compost_makers

Excellent COMPOST AERATOR. Various compost makers for GENERAL composting

garotta_compost_maker thermometer_dial_compost_temperature

GAROTTA general purpose compost maker, & several types of COMPOST THERMOMETER

rotosieve bosch-quiet-garden-shredder-2300W-axt-22d

ROTOSIEVE the composted material for a finer grain. Bosch AXT 25D Shredder

all_about_compost can_crushers

ALL ABOUT COMPOST book written by Pauline Pears. Two types of CAN CRUSHERS


paper_briquette_maker paper_shredder


Waste PAPER BRIQUETTE MAKER makes use of the PAPER SHREDDER, home or office.




The INCINERATOR disposes of difficult weeds