Set Up

The photographs shows one of our compost bins which has been assembled by one of our customers.

“I just wanted to confirm the compost bins arrived and I was able to construct them myself (to my amazement) thanks for helpful preparation and instructions.

I enclose a photo and thank you for ensuring the whole transaction went so smoothly – Thank you” Mr T A, Warrington, 25th June 2020


Site Requirements

Ideally the compost bin requires a flat and level surface on which to assemble. Ideally it is easier if the site is clear of any obstacles such as trees.

However, if there is an existing heap of compost which is smaller in size than the bin, then the compost bin can be assembled around it. This takes out the need to move the material to one side before putting the material back inside the compost bin.

Compost Bins can be assembled panel by panel. If the site slopes then a single brick under each post at the lower end will suffice to level it up.

If you need any advise concerning the assembly of any of our products then please feel free to ask. Each product comes with a full set of instructions with photographs illustrating each point of assembly. After 30 years of producing items for  ‘home assembly’ we believe we have made products that can be easily assembled with the aid of our assembly instructions.