The ROTASIEVE will, in seconds, and from your own garden compost bin  produce well-sieved compost in your wheelbarrow ready for use in pots, for seedlings, cuttings or for mulch. The separated debris can then be thrown back on the heap for further composting. The Rotasieve also works well with bonfire ash (a valuable source of potash) and very well-rotted manure. It is also a useful tool for separating weeds from soil after hoeing. Full Description / Price List (Click Here)



The Rotasieve measures 39.5cms (15½ inches) in diameter and stands 32.5cms (13 inches) high. It is made of robust steel and weighs about 5 kilos (11lbs). The mesh is welded to the drum and the holes are approximately 2.5cms (1 inch) by 1.5cms (0.6inch). The Rotasieve is painted in a stylish mid-green and is easily assembled. It takes three to four spadefuls and quickly makes a barrow load. Parts can be replaced if necessary.