Paper Shredder


FELLOWS POWERSHRED P-48C Cross-Cut Paper Shredder. Personal home or office shredder with automatic start/stop function. It shreds automatically drawing the paper in till it finishes. It can shred credit cards and staples although these should not be composted. Comes with a safety lock to prevent accidental activation and a sheet capacity gauge to prevent paper jams. Easy emptying. Full Description / Price List (Click Here)

Composting – You can compost Paper in a compost bin if shredded and mixed in with other material. Paper is often referred to as brown or belonging to the carbon group  and when shredded and mixed with for example grass clippings (green and nitrogen rich) then  the paper will quickly and efficiently compost away. However, if there is an excess of paper it will clog together by itself, exclude air and take a lot longer to compost down. Similar to putting a log in a compost bin, everything else composts away leaving the log! Paper shredders are available for light, personal, occasional shredding i.e. home use,  to large office and then commercial use. Avoid composting glossy paper or plastic coated.

(Prices quoted include delivery when bought with a Compost Bin. When purchased separately delivery charge may apply)


Fellowes Powershred 


  • Provides higher security shredding for occasional use in the home
  • Cross-Cuts 8 sheets at a time into 3.9x50mm pieces,
  • 18 litre waste basket
  • Safety lock prevents accidental activation
  • 225mm throat width
  • Sheet capacity gauge helps prevent paper jams
  • Auto-start & reverse, 2-year full warranty, 3-year cutter warranty
  • Shreds staples and credit cards (don’t try composting these!)