Paper Briquette Maker


PAPER BRIQUETTE MAKER If you have an excess of newspaper that can not be shredded and composted in a compost bin then why not turn it into briquettes to burn on your own house fire and reduce what goes to the tip!

he PAPER BRIQUETTE MAKER easily turn your old newspapers Into Briquettes for your BBQ, stoves or simply to light a fire. A truly environmentally friendly way to create your own fuel and save money as well – Simply to use – it’s now easier to use than ever .Simply soak your old newspapers in water, fill the Paper Briquette Maker, push down the handles to push out the excess moisture and leave it to dry. It’s that easy! Plus each briquette will burn for around 2 hours and leave minimal ash. Complete with 2 years warranty.

The perfect way to recycle newspapers and save money! Produce your own free fuel.