Compost Thermometer


DIAL COMPOST THERMOMETER – clear sturdy compost thermometer enables you to monitor the temperature inside your compost bin to produce perfect compost in the shortest time. Long stainless steel measuring probe. Clear dial face. Range 0 to 120 deg Celsius. Length (approx.) 500mm with 48mm dial face diameter.

Composting with thermometers – to use simply insert the thermometer into the contents in the compost bin. During composting, it is critical to ensure the right temperature for optimum productivity. This ensures the product produced is of the highest quality. The wrong temperature can delay or even destroy the composting process. Readings from the thermometers enable you to perceive and make necessary adjustments to your system to ensure the right temperature for composting is maintained. Ideally a temperature of 60c maintained over 2 days is enough to kill weed seeds etc.



Well made compost is a brown, crumbly, soil like material which contains all the ingredients needed for plant growth. It has moisture and oxygen retaining properties and its structure is ideal for plant and root growth. Packed with beneficial micro-organisms that support and actively promote plant health, which in turn minimises the need for insecticides and fungicides.

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Experience/Research: We used two compost thermometers when monitoring the compost of freshly deposited grass in Compost Bin measure 60cm (w) x 60cm (d) x 90cm (h). We found that the centre was reaching 65C and the perimeter was 22C. Any hotter than 65C valuable carbon sources can be burnt up and micro-organisms killed off. Any less than 55C and we are not generating enough heat. With the reading from the thermometers we decided to turn the heat mixing the perimeter material into the centre where it would heat up.

Filling a compost bin 1.20m (w) x 1.20m (d) x 0.90m (h) with just grass the maximum temperature we attained was 78C.

1st Phase: Decomposition (at least 2-3 weeks). Control temperature 50-80C.

2nd Phase: Conversion to humus (at most 9 months). Control temperature 40C or less.



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Compost Themometer

305mm Length, 400mm Length with Dial