Compost Aerator


The COMPOST AERATOR is the easy way to aerate your compost heap and is suitable for all sizes of compost bins. Full Description / Price List (Click Here)

Sturdy green coated stem, walking stick style handle. Two moveable flaps. A quality product designed & manufactured in Great Britain Approx. length 82cm (32″) flaps 12.5cm (5″)




  • Main shaft 78cm length
  • Handle Double Grip 39cm length
  • Flanges both serrated and each 15cm length
  • Tubing 25mm diameter
  • Colour Red

Experience/Research: When we used the aerator we were surprised to find it gave us valuable information as to the progress of our composting heap. The aerator brought to the surface pockets and clumps of uncomposted material that we thought we had composted already efficiently. In our case sawdust from a pets cage had not composted down. With this insight we decided to turn the contents with a garden fork and use the aerator more frequently in the future to mix the contents and enable us to keep more up to date with what was happening inside the heap out of sight.

To use gently push the tip of the aerator into the compost. The two flaps fold back against the main shaft to form an arrow head. This makes it easy to push the tip down to the required depth. Then gently pull back on the handle and out of sight the two flaps move outwards at right angles to the main shaft. With a gentle twist of the wrist pull the aerator up and out of the compost. Gently twisting the aerator to the left and right as you do so. Repeat this at 6″ or so intervals and the contents are aerated and mixed in.

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Green, Red (Heavy Duty)