Compost Bins

Wooden COMPOST BINS main features:

  • Easy access – all front boards removable.Compost Bins - Single Close Boarded
  • Single, Double or Triple compost bins.
  • Slatted or Close Boarded variations.
  • Pressure treated timber / Tanalith E / long life.
  • Free standing compost bins, no post holes to dig.
  • Wood species ‘Spruce’ FSC sourced.
  • Sent Part-Assembled, ready made PANELS.
  • 75mm sq. posts, all wood, no grooves cut out.
  • 22mm thick boards nailed side grain.
  • 90cm height – (kitchen worktop height).
  • Many optional extras including lids, aerating-Bases, add-on modules.                  Single Close Boarded Compost Bin
  • Bespoke Options.
  • Benefits rule 5 of the 7 composting rules (click here).

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BBC Gardeners World Magazine (Jan 2012) recommended choosing Tanalith E Pressure Treated Timber in garden raised vegetable beds used for vegetable growing.

Compost Bins - Double Close Boarded  Compost Bins - Triple Close Boarded

Double Close Boarded Compost Bin                    Triple Close Boarded Compost Bin

Compost Bins - Single Slatted   Compost Bins - Double Slatted

Single Slatted Compost Bin                                     Double Slatted Bin with Optional Lids

Compost Bins - Triple Slatted - Optional Lids   Compost Bins - Triple Slatted with leaf mould add-on

Triple Slatted Bins with optional Lids, aerating-Bases, Leaf Mould Add-on and Compost Accelerator (Garotta)

Archwood has been making this style of wooden compost bin since 1990!   Our compost bins have been sent to most parts of the UK and many parts of Europe. All our products carry our own name label.

If you don’t find what you are looking for then please contact us with your requirements as we can offer a Bespoke service.There are a variety of accessories available all designed to improve the quality of the compost produced. These include Lids, aerating-Bases, and Compost Accelerators.

For more information on composting click here.

Compost Bins - Lids Compost Bins - Aerating Base Compost Bins - Compost Makers Compost Bins - Triple Slatted

LIDS                        AERATING-BASES               COMPOST MAKERS          PACKAGE PRICE

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– England, Scotland and Wales – Mainland.

Charges. The delivery charge for the ‘Main Products’ is included within their prices. For example, main products include such items as: Compost Bins, Compost Systems, Beehives, and Leaf Mould Bins.

Other Products: If other products accompany and are delivered at the same time as an order for one of the ‘Main Products’ then there are no additional charges for delivery. Such items include Lids, Aerating-Bases and Garotta; otherwise please contact us for details.

Time. The delivery time for the ‘Main Products’ is between 1-28 days. For all ‘Other Products’ delivery is 3-10 working days. If a particular ‘day’ for a  delivery is required please contact us to discuss details. There is usually no additional charge for this service if the delivery is made Monday – Friday.

If you require next day delivery please contact us for a price.

Please see our ‘Delivery Details’ and  ‘Terms & Conditions’.

Available Sizes: w-width, d-depth, h-height


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