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Why a Compost Bin?

Compost Bins are an excellent idea for any garden, large or small. They provide a humus-rich soil conditioner and recycles any amount of kitchen waste and garden debris, grass and hedge cuttings, vegetable tops and old bedding plants. Using one of our Compost Bins puts an end to an unsightly and inefficient heap of rotting compost.

We have been making this range of Compost Bins for over 30 years and we find that making compost in them is more effective than open heaps, because the whole heap is contained. By retaining the heat the conditions are improved for the micro-organisms that do the decomposing. With a lid the result is a hotter drier organic material ready a lot quicker than if it was left in a heap. All wood is FSC sourced. For improved efficiently we supply a variety of optional extras, such as Lids, aerating-Bases and Compost Accelerators. (See links on left panel)

Two or more compost bins are ideal. While one is being filled, material in the other is decomposing. The larger compost bins are worth considering the larger the heap the hotter it gets and the more efficiently it decomposes.

We offer a range of robust, well made long lasting Compost Bins in a variety of sizes and bin configurations. The wood is pressure preserved and this treatment is designed to prolong the life of the wood in a garden setting. We use a non toxic preservative that does not kill worms or micro-organisms in the compost. It is more effective than painted on preservatives which are easily washed off and have little or no real benefit when it comes to wood preserving.

Compost Bins Double Close Boarded System

The pressure preserving process forces the preservative under pressure deep into the wood rather than just coating the outside. It prevents the micro-organisms in the compost from composting the Compost Bin itself but doesn’t prevent them from composting the material inside. There is no need to apply a further preservatives during the life of the Compost Bin. Our pressure treated timber has a desired service life of up to 15 years depending on the environment it’s in and its type of use.

                                                                                            Compost Bins Triple Slatted

We offer either Slatted or Close Boarded Compost Bins. Professional opinion varies though we usually advise that the contents in the Close Boarded Compost Bin will reach a higher temperature and thus kill more weed seeds, diseased material and decompose slightly quicker than other Compost Bins. The disadvantage may be that wet soggy material may stay wet and soggy and not decompose efficiently at the base where there is little or no air. We suggest the use aerating-Bases to encourage air to the base.

We offer our wooden Compost Bins in a variety of sizes and we can also make to individual requirements. We supply a range of sizes, 2ft. (0.6m), 3ft. (0.9m), 4ft (1.2m), 5ft (1.5m) and 6ft (1.8m) square bins as either a single, double or triple system. The height across the range is 3ft. (0.9m). Extension kits are also available. The 2ft.(0.60m) square single and double Compost Bins can be sent fully assembled if we are notified by e-mail once the order has been placed and before delivery has commenced. All the others are delivered partially assembled with a simple set of assembly instructions. Once assembled they can be sited directly on soil.

For the smaller garden the 2ft.(0.6m) square compost bin is ideal because it is economical on space and the 3ft.(0.9m) height gives it a large capacity. We can supply compost bins to your own measurements or requirements, for example 4ft” (1.2m) high or narrower to fit a particular space. (Click on Bespoke).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Compost Bin single close boarded with lid

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